Fun, movement, energy


EuroHockey is the governing body of hockey in Europe. The organisation consists of 12 executive members from all over Europe and 43 member associations that govern the sport in their respective countries.

EuroHockey needed a new brand to help the organisation move forward. It has developed a new strategy and the brand needed to reflect their new ambitions and convey the sport as fun, active, passionate, strong, bold and brave.

The brand must work digitally, as there is a big digital transformation piece of work going on alongside this. It also needed to have a bias towards a younger demographic but have a lifespan of 5-10 years as part of the organisation’s broader goal to engage a wider audience. Another essential: it needed to include a hockey stick!

EuroHockey Social Media


I began by looking at the photography provided by EuroHockey and watching videos of field hockey games in action. 

I thought about the movements of the players, and considered how the strikes of the sticks might affect shapes or letters rather than the ball. As I was developing the brand, I felt like I was conveying the sense of fun and energy the game creates. 

The colour palette has been picked from EuroHockey’s match photography, but brightened to create a strong and bold set of colours to visually represent EuroHockey.  

Collaborators: Website Design – Skylark, Brand Video – Galvanised Media, Brand Video Motion Graphics – Chris Moran


“Working with Anna was a breath of fresh air. Ideas, solutions, honesty and adaptability—she grabbed our brief and transformed our brand into a bold, vibrant and innovative design that covers our organisation’s many strands, making it fan-facing. What you see is the essence and feeling behind the outcome. The process identified the need to make this the single point of identity—a logo that could translate across multiple elements within the business of EuroHockey.”

Tom Pedersen-Smith | Head of Strategy and Development, EuroHockey.

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