Midnight Leopard

Midnight Leopard


Provocative, Cheeky & Luxurious


Midnight Leopard is a new luxury start-up and it needed a brand that would announce it to the world. The company specialises in British-made, 100% silk eye masks sold mainly online. Its plan is to eventually move into other silk sleep products such as pillowcases, hair wraps and more, so the identity needed to leave Midnight Leopard room to manoeuvre into other product lines.


The leopard, namesake of the company, had to be front and centre in this brand, and it had to be clear that sleepwear is the product. Silky backgrounds, luxurious colours, cheeky copy and a bold sleepy leopard formed the basis of this growing brand.


I initially reached out to Anna to ask for her help in creating a logo for my new brand. We began the process by having a chat about my products, my brand, my customers and my vision, which was then followed up with a detailed questionnaire from Anna.

“She really took on board all my comments and even at the initial concepts stage was able to come up with something pretty perfect. And I must add Anna did all this for me whilst being eight months pregnant and finished the work on my project even once the baby had arrived a few weeks early!

“I was so pleased with the work that Anna had produced for my logo that we then went on to work together on other aspects of the project – this included content for social media, packaging design, woven label design, tissue paper and stickers. And the biggest ask from me was for Anna to design the leopard print that is featured on my products, which again she absolutely smashed – it was like she went inside my head.

“Anna is really dedicated, she gets it, she isn’t afraid to ask questions and will make you feel so comfortable that you can have honest conversations about how she can bring your vision to life. I look forward to continuing to work together!”

Gina Vanni-Buckley, Managing Director, Midnight Leopard.