Mailbox Express

Brand Evolution



Mailbox Express is a specialist secure courier service with a focus on the medical and legal sectors. The brand, however, was dated and inconsistent across the company website, vans, marketing materials and so on.

Darren Shaw, the managing director, brought me in to help align the company’s identity and make Mailbox Express have a consistent overall look. I needed to express that the service is secure, straight-talking and tailored to the customer’s needs while ensuring that it stands out amongst the competitors.


I wanted the brand to have a more considered and thought-out look. The imagery is digital papercraft and bespoke – a design that’s tailored in a way that reflects the Mailbox Express service. After researching the market none of the competitors had a brand like this and I knew it would really stand out against the competition while fitting with the company’s delivery work. The new design still has that corporate feel that characterises the courier business, but 18 times more personality than anything else out there.

Beyond the visual element of the design, it was clear that the website needed restructuring and that Mailbox Express’s web and marketing content needed an overhaul to improve tone of voice. I brought in and project managed a web designer and copywriter to complete this side of the project, ensuring a timely and ordered delivery of the project.

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“Anna has designed our new website, but she has also advised and produced much, much more. Anna took our existing logo along with a lot of other brand material and re-developed it in a way that will really make us stand out alongside the competition.

“But she’s gone above and beyond, too, pulling together and leading a team of creatives to get the site ready. She has worked miracles and given advice throughout, and I would recommend her services to anyone.”

Darren Shaw, Managing Director, Mailbox Express.